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Ryan Kemppainen started an ATV/sled shop in 2012. He ran the shop part time between construction jobs. At the same time he started a company called North End Recreation and began developing ATV tools that worked on as many different ATVS, side-by-sides, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes as possible.

That company became Off Track Tool Co. When a friend suggested Ryan go through the MTEC Smartzone program and pitch his idea – so he did. 


After completing the first portion of the program and progressing from pencil and paper to experimental prototypes and a patent pending, Ryan began testing his standard series ball joint tool kit with the hopes of building more hardcore tools with multiple-company versatility. His goal was to progress – in a progressing motor sport industry with the idea of New. Better. Faster. Tools!

The tools are made in the U.S.A. from forged and chromoly materials. The reason for this is the highest standard possible. For years of extreme use and hardcore dependability!


Ryan has always liked to ride dirt bikes, ATV’s, 3-wheelers, and snowmobiles. He loves the feeling he gets after a huge snow storm --  like he is the first person on a sled or board in the fresh powder. Everything is covered in white.


In the summer he and his two kids love to ride the various summer ATV vehicles – he enjoys the type of freedom that only comes when riding.

Ryan is an advocate of outdoor activity and believes that everyone should be able to quickly fix their all-terrain vehicles and get back outside to play.

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