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Univeral Vice grips pull striaght and angled. Used mostly to remove cv shaft that are stuck and using a pry bar may ruin the housing. Also usefull for removing slides from smowmobile skids. And other hard to reach hard to grip areas.


Off Track Tool Co. #9650-9660 Vice Grip Kits Universal Threaded Adaptors



  • Solid Handle Slide Hammer

  • Slide Hammer Round Shaft 

  • Slide Hammer 

  • Threaded Adaptor 

  • Vice grip with welded High Nut

  • Easy-carry vinyl bag with logo


Limited Lifetime Warranty

3-Year, 1-Year, 90-Day

Hassle Free Replacement.

Excludes Shipping and Handling Charges

3-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty

Depending on use and or misuse there is a 3-year to limited-lifetime warranty. Warranty includes Free of Defects from the metal supplier. Also includes Free of Defects from machinist. In combination with material and workmanship there may be a limited lifetime warranty. The damaged part may need to sent to the regional headquarters for inspection. Note: shipping charges may apply.

1-Year Free Replacement

Subject to certain exceptions: extreme use, improper use, extreme heat, corrosive chemicals outside of the MIL-DTL 13924D and ASTM B117-97 testing.

This company has the best interest of its customers in mind. We offer a 1-year warranty that this product will leave our facility with quality workmanship and free of defects. We will also review any  problem the consumer may find that was not detected in quality review. 

Blind side removal must be brought to our attention during the 1-year free replacement period. 

If the ball joint is worn out, the stud can pull out of the ball joint socket. At this point it needs to be welded by the person performing the repair, a welder brought in, or take the strut or A-Arm off and bring that to a welder in order to weld the stud in place. At this point use any remover of choice to finish removing the ball joint. Then install new ball joint with the correct driver. The other approach maybe to remove the ball joint from the top of the a-arm with an appropriate driver. (This is not for blind side removal). As in the illustrations there are multiple options in multiple applications.


90-Day Warranty

This product's TruTemp black oxide follows the MIL spec MIL-DTL 13924D/ Class 1.


The MIL spec refers to testing that has been performed on the black oxide coating to ensure it complies with Class 1 of these classifications of black oxide. This tandems with the ASTM B 117-97 salt spray cabinet method which has been used to test topical sealant. The ASTM method is used as a “guide” when performing this test, as most salt spray cabinet is very subject at best.


Under normal atmospheric conditions, when placed in a salt spray cabinet that the Dri-Touch IRP2 Amber (oil) typically has 60-80 hours or salt spray resistance when ASTM is followed, the polymer “hard coating” (Satin Shield or Clearok) have 75+ hours depending on their intended concentration and use.


Due to hard use of this tool, as in the design, there will not be an intensive warranty on the TruTemp black oxide or zinc phosphate because of the high impact and general force of a slide hammer. This product may quickly see cosmetic blemishes. This does not act against the quality of the product, workmanship and a defect-free product.

#9650-9660 Vice Grip Kits Universal Adapters threaded to 1/2 x 20 tpi

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